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Tailgating? It's all about ENVY!!

There is only one rule when it comes to tailgating and it's pretty simple. ENVY! If people are walking by you, wishing they were doing what you're doing, then you're a Professional Tailgater.

Flameheads has put together a list of 5 Important "ENVY" factors to consider for the professional tailgater.

1. Food:
When it comes to tailgating it pays to think like a Hobbit, Sure you've had breakfast but have you had "Second Breakfast?" Like the saying goes "Eat, Drink and be Merry", and Stuffing yourself with delicious, elaborate, enviable foods is as much a part of tailgating as the game itself.

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing food for your Tailgate Party. The first thing, and it should be obvious to you by now is.....ENVY, Yes I said ENVY. Simply Cooking Hot Dogs won't do. Sure they taste good, sure they're easy and cheap, but that is not what tailgating is about! No one is going to walk by your tailgate party, see you chomping on a hot dog and go WOW I should have done that! On the other hand, picture foot long Chilidogs piled high with kraut, slaw, or other similar enviable toppings, or Super Nachos piled a mile high with Jalapeno's, beef, beans, sour cream! YEEEAAAH that's what it's all about!

Second, Try to choose foods that look elaborate but are actually simple, that way your tailgate parties wont consume you with "WORK". Face it, you can serve the best foods at your tailgate party but if you're spending all your time preparing them, NOBODY is going to envy you! A perfect example of an easy tailgating food that looks elaborate and evokes envy is Kabobs. Sure they look complicated, but almost all of the prep can be done at home before you leave. Yet as you grill them, the sight, smell, and sound of them sizzling on your grill will instill ENVY even in such seasoned tailgating professionals as John Madden!

Here is a list of fairly simple Tailgating foods that are sure to instill ENVY into your tailgating neighbors,

Ribs (Precook them at home or buy them already cooked and heat them up on the grill)
Turkey Legs (same strategy as ribs)
Shrimp on Skewers
Hot Wings
Deep Fried Turkey
Finger Foods (Nuts, Party trays, Cookies, Fruits, Vegetables)

Remember this list is not complete. Use your imagination. There are thousands of delicacy's just waiting to be discovered as great tailgating foods.
Another thing to consider when preparing good eats for your tailgate party is QUANTITY. It is worth the extra money to have too much food. A good rule to remember is "The more food, the more envy"; you can bring extra food home, but you can't eat what's not there. DO NOT RUN OUT OF FOOD! And this brings us to our next envy factor. Because The only thing worse than running out of food at a tailgate party, is running out of Drinks

2. Drinks: Beer is great, but have you looked around at a tailgate party? Everyone has a beer. Where's the Envy in that? The only people envying the beer drinkers are the homeless! If you must do beer, then only a keg will do! A keg is sure to stir feelings of envy in the diehard beer drinkers. Want more envy? Buy a power inverter for your Tailgating Vehicle and bring a Blender! Make sure it's a noisy blender too. Imagine the stares of ENVY you'll receive as you start your loud blender, slushing up that first pitcher of Margaritas! AHHHHHH! SOUNDS LIKE a Damon Wayans movie, MORE ENVY, MORE ENVY. And be sure to use an inverter not a generator or the only sounds your neighbors will be hearing will be the sound of a gasoline generator spewing carbon monoxide into your party! Another great drink option is Homebrewed beer or wine, your tailgating buddies are sure to turn green from either Envy or the putrid taste of your foul concoctions. Can't make homebrew? Buy some cheap wine and pour it into a jug and say you made it.

3. Location, Location, Location: Choose a spot that has lots of other fans around. After all if no one can see you, no one can Envy you, and if you're doing it right; the more people that see you, the more that will Envy you! Consider a spot near the stadium if on-site parking is not available. A tailgate that is not within site of the stadium just doesn't feel right. Put yourself in the line of fire. Try to locate where Lots of folks walking to the stadium have to walk right by your tailgate. MORE ENVY, MORE ENVY.

4. Socialize: Choose a parking lot (and space) that allows you to interact with other tailgaters. This is one of the finer points of tailgating. If you're going to tailgate alone, just drink beer in your home backyard instead. Socializing can spur some of the most concentrated Envy imaginable. Introduce yourself to those around you. Talk to them, sit with them, and drink with them. Why do you think it's called a party?

5. Share: What better way to show off all of your tailgating libations than offering them to others. After mixing up that pitcher of team colored margaritas share them with your neighbors. And they're sure to envy those Kabobs even more after they've tasted them!

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