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E Combustubus Cranius

As the dawn of a new millennium is upon us, millions of Titan fans are still left with these questions. Who exactly are Flameheads and where did they come from? Are they Aliens from another galaxy? Are they inter-dimensional beings? Or perhaps they are some sort of collective consciousness being projected onto a few unknowing but fortunate football fans? One thing is crystal clear; with their brothers, the Tennessee Titans, they have touched the hearts and souls of millions, and brought glory and honor to the central part of the western hemisphere.
This article excerpted from the September 1999 issue of "National Geographic" may give us some clues as to their true origin, which, although mysterious, may have more earth bound roots.

E Combustubus Cranius

This tablet, known as the Flamehead Legends And Members Eternal stone, or F.L.A.M.E. for short, was discovered in 1960 at an archeological dig in Athens, Greece. Its purpose and origin has remained a mystery until now. Dr Adelphias Titanius of the National Foundation of ancient Literacy, or NFL, has isolated an extinct hieroglyphic language and has translated the first paragraph:

All those who read these words shall know the one true power of the F.L.A.M.E.
And they shall take up their swords. Beginning in the second millennia, in the Autumn of the year of the sun, they shall gather each Sabbath on the field and with great vigor vanquish their foes. And they shall be like unto giants, even greater than the gods. And boundless crowds shall rally to the coliseum to cheer them. And of those crowds a few shall come forth, the chosen, those called by destiny and power of purpose, shall adorn themselves in lavish garments and create themselves like unto my image. And those who believe and those who oppose us shall forever know the power of
~E Combustubus Cranius

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