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E Combustubus Cranius: Fan of the Year
Since last spring, TIME has followed 11 Finalists From Saddam Hussien to George W Bush. But now the Time has come.
E Combustubus Cranius 2002 Time Man of the Year!
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The Man: E Combustubus Cranius
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E Combustubus Cranius parades onto the Football scene as Fans gamble on youth, luck and change

By Lance Morrow -- With reporting by Tom Curry/New York

For years, NFL Fans have been in a kind of vague mourning for something that they sensed they had lost somewhere--what was best in the League, a distinctive NFL endowment of youth and energy and ideals and luck: sacred Football stuff.

They had squandered it, Fans thought, had thrown it away in the messy interval between the assassination of John Kennedy and the wan custodial regime of George W Bush. A wisp of song from years ago suggested the loss: "Where have you gone, Johnny Unitus?"

Or perhaps the qualities were only hidden, sequestered in some internal exile, regenerating. Now E Combustubus Cranius will ride into Nashville brandishing them in a kind of boyish triumph. But are they the real thing? The authentic Football treasures, recovered and restored to the Hall of fame? Do they still have transforming powers?

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