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These are dark times for Flameheads

Do not lose the faith

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Tailgating? It's all about ENVY!!
There is only one rule when it comes to Tennessee Titan tailgating and it's pretty simple. ENVY! If people are walking by you, wishing they were doing what you're doing, smile you're a Professional Tailgater. More>>

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Want to be a Flamehead?
Flameheads are more than just a Tennessee Titans fan. If the average fan is a soldier, Flameheads are "Special Forces" While the average fan thinks about the Titans on gameday, a Flamehead is thinking about them all week. Preparing his mask or makeup, what he's going to wear for the game, and thinking about his strategy to help foil the Titans opponents. At the game the average fan is there to cheer for the Tennessee Titans but Flameheads are there to rally the other fans.
A real Flamehead will wear his gear on gameday whether he's at the Coliseum or not.
It is a Flamehead's sworn duty to rally Tennessee Titan fans, to lead them, to do everything allowable by the laws of the land, the rules of the NFL and The Coliseum, within their power to foil the Titan's enemies, as their enemies are a Flamehead's enemies.

1. Paint Your Face
Tennessee Titan colors are great, but painting your face to look like a cartoon character or Tammy Faye Baker will get you on the big screen much faster.

2. Take your shirt off
Tight stomachs and Women need not apply. We're talking Men with fat guts and low temperatures. Act like an idiot.

3. Make a sign
Always be chipper: Kiss up to the broadcast crew and work the network's call letters into your cute but insipid message.

4. Tailgate
Offer free food to cameramen cruising the parking lot for local pregame color.

5. Make out, Fall asleep, or Hold a baby.
Camera men are suckers for all three!

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